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February 21, 2017

Talking LifeSpan at the National Suicide Prevention Conference

The LifeSpan team joined 500+ delegates last week at the National Suicide Prevention Conference in Brisbane. By delivering a workshop and hosting an exhibition booth we were pleased to be able to provide a comprehensive update on the status of LifeSpan including:

  • details of interventions recommended under each of the nine LifeSpan strategies
  • overview of the research design and roll out of individual studies in the NSW research trial
  • the first presentation of the LifeSpan Lived Experience Framework and plans to deepen engagement of those with lived experience in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Lifespan

The team took the opportunity to launch the updated ‘LifeSpan wheel’, incorporating action-oriented messaging in simple, everyday language, as well as a new range of brochures and research summaries.

The conference also provided an opportunity for extensive networking and meeting many of our research and delivery partners face-to-face for the first time. It was the first time we have been able to bring site coordinators from the 4 NSW trial sites and the 12 Commonwealth trial sites together in the same room to share implementation expertise and build networks.

Key themes emerging presentations by international and Australian leaders included a focus on systems approaches as the way forward for suicide prevention, the need to build the evidence-base for effective interventions, and the growing role of people with lived experience in co-design of research and services. All areas where LifeSpan is leading the way!